Category: Fusions

  • Suya Butter Chicken Burger

    Suya Butter Chicken Burger

    Prep Time: 1h 10 mins Cook Time: 35 mins Serves: 2 people Suya spice (or Yaji) is an authentic African (common amongst West African) spice used for meat marination. Suya spice is a peanut dry base rub used to marinate meats before grilling. Due to its popularity, suya spice is a necessity in most African…

  • Jollof Rice Sushi

    Jollof Rice Sushi

    An Afro-Asian gastronomical fusion consisting of two famous dishes from two countries (Nigerian and Japan). One of my absolute favourite Japanese dish of all time is sushi, I would walk into a sushi bar ready to spend all my money. Being a West African that can resist any rice dish, I thought it’ll be best…